Monday, May 30, 2011

Worthy Is The Lamb

"Worthy is the Lamb" art by Gwen P. Toomalatai

Canticle of Creation ~

O Most High, all-powerful, good Lord God, 
to you belong praise, glory, honour and all blessing. 
Be praised, my Lord, for all your creation 
and especially for our Brother Sun, 
who brings us the day and the light; 
he is strong and shines magnificently. 
O Lord, we think of you when we look at him. 
Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Moon, 
and for the stars which you have set shining 
and lovely in the heavens. 
Be praised, my Lord, for our Brothers Wind and Air 
and every kind of weather by which you, Lord, 
uphold life in all your creatures. 
Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Water, 
who is very useful to us, 
and humble and precious and pure. 
Be praised, my Lord, for Brother Fire, 
through whom you give us light in the darkness: 
he is bright and lively and strong. 
Be praised, my Lord, for Sister Earth, 
our Mother, who nourishes us and sustains us, 
bringing forth fruits and vegetables of many kinds 
and flowers of many colours. 
Be praised, my Lord, for those who forgive 
for love of you; and for those who bear sickness 
and weakness in peace and patience - 
you will grant them a crown. 
Be praised, my Lord, for our Sister Death, 
whom we must all face. 
I praise and bless you, Lord, 
and I give thanks to you, 
and I will serve you in all humility.

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Therefore, dear Sir, love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you. For those who are near you are far away... and this shows that the space around you is beginning to grow vast.... be happy about your growth, in which of course you can't take anyone with you, and be gentle with those who stay behind; be confident and calm in front of them and don't torment them with your doubts and don't frighten them with your faith or joy, which they wouldn't be able to comprehend. Seek out some simple and true feeling of what you have in common with them, which doesn't necessarily have to alter when you yourself change again and again; when you see them, love life in a form that is not your own and be indulgent toward those who are growing old, who are afraid of the aloneness that you trust.... and don't expect any understanding; but believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.”  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke